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Revised on June 13, 2006

Clicking a thumb nail, the large photo emerges in another window.

Mont St-Michel (France: World heritage) Pompeii's remains (Itary: World heritage) The Great Wall (China: World heritage)

Mont St-Michel

Pompeii's Remains

The Great Wall

Countries Photos pieces Countries Photos pieces
France France Photos 24+1 Italy Italy Photos 24+1
England England Photos 16+1 America America Photos 20+1
Russia Russia Photos 16+1 China China Photos 16+1
Austria Austria Photos  12+1 Korea Korea Photos  12+1 

Open 148 pieces of big photograph !
Most photos on the Web are very small and  not for use. So, I decided to upload big photos
(more than two mega pixels)
for free usage.  All the photos on this sight  are my original work.
Personal usage is free of charge. Please contact me when you intend
 to utilize my photos for commercial purposes or other interests.


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the day of very long lunar eclipse since 1859
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