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Pompeii's remains (Itary:World heritage)

Pompeii's Remains
World Heritage (1968x1372)167KB

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Duomo Milano Galleria of Milano Policemen of Milano Castello Sforzesco

01  Duomo Milano

02  Galleria of Milano

03  Policemen of Milano

04  Castello Sforzesco

Milano Taxi on the water Venezia Basilica San Marco

05  Milano

06  Taxi on the water

07  Venezia

08  Basilica San Marco

Piazza San Marco Gondolas in Venezia Venetian market Ponte di Rialto

09  Piazza San Marco

10  Gondolas in Venezia

11  Venetian market

12  Ponte di Rialto

Santa Maria del Fiole Ponte Vecchio  Galleria deli Uffizi  Statue of  David

13 Santa Maria del Fiole

14  Ponte Vecchio

15  Galleria deli Uffizi

16  Statue of  David

 Leaning Tower of Pisa the  Vatican  See Naples and die. Pompeii's remains

17 Leaning Tower of Pisa

18  the  Vatican

19  See Naples and die.

20  Pompeii's remains

Sprig of Torebi Spanish Stairs Remains of sports fields Colloseo

21  Fontana di Torevi

22  Spanish Stairs

23  Remains of sports 

24  Colloseo

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